Monday, December 8, 2014

The Latest Designs

Designs since my last post....

This turquoise table is still available at The Market Emporium in Burleson, TX. 

This sign was custom painted to match a customers comforter. 

The following items were custom designed and painted for a sweet customers dressing room...

This picture ended up being one of my most popular ones I've ever posted on Facebook. ;) I love how everything turned out and the customer was quite pleased as well. She promises to send pics of her dressing room once it's all put together. ;)

Another custom order for a very loyal customer...

These beauties sold within just a few minutes of being posted on Facebook. ..

Love the details on these vanity tables. Who says a broken vanity has to be trashed? A little bondo, paint and glaze and they were turned into side tables. 

This piece was painted by my best bud Patricia and sold in our booth at The Market Emporium within a few days...

I took a break from painting to make some Homecoming mums. The beautiful girl modeling is my precious daughter Mariah. 

Then it was back to business as usual...
Custom colors for a brand new lil baby's room...

And then another...

And another but different design...

Getting ready for Christmas and all the orders that come with it...

The ironing board porch sign is still available...

And still available...
The lil white dots above "then" are now gone...see...everyone makes mistakes 
;-P Funny story actually, I was painting it felt as if a spider of something fell down the back of my pants!! I jumped up so fast and in doing so I marked up my new sign! Annnd never found the culprit! But thankfully I was able to fix the mistake...just forgot to get a picture of the sign after it was fixed! 

And last but not least...a custom sign for a beautiful family...

The lighting was terrible but the message great. Words of wisdom that are sure to lead the family down the right path. 

Here's to hoping your family is well and has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Long Time No Write!

Hi!!! I know, I know, I start this thing then leave you all hangin! I'm sorry. A million and one things have happened since my last post. I'm still painting away though I've be painting on furniture lately instead of just signs. Come to think of it, I think I've already told y'all that on here. Oh we'll...welcome to my life!...I have trouble remembering my age...I'm surely not gonna remember what I wrote a few months ago! Lol. 

Here are some of the pieces I've sold or are for sale...

Small clock table. Sold. 

This one didn't last long...but only because a little girl sat on it and accidentally broke it. Lol. Bless her heart. I'm still deciding what to do with the base. I'm thinking I'm going to out a drawer on top of it to make a planter. ;)

Step stool sold

Sewing table sold

I dont think I ever got a shot of this once it was finished. Sorry. This wasn't quite completed here. And you can see my mess in the pic! :-0 sold

These are a few of the things that were taken to Antique Alley and hitched a ride back with me as well! A few of them are still available. 

This step stool and sign are both still available. 

The NoNo Chair. ;) Available

"Sit" bench. 
Several goodies. Most still available

Throwing in a sign again :-P Because its available as well. Texas barn wood baby! Ya can't beat that. ;) So beautiful... Even by itself! 

Old bentwood rocker- all shabbied up for ya! -sold
"He Is Able" Secretary Desk. (Sold)

Buffet/Entry Table

Ladder Love! Available

Turquoise and White side table! Available


And a few more shots. This piece sold within just a few hours of posting the final product on Facebook. But if you want something similar please let me know. Once again, as I've said in the keep up with the latest projects Facebook is the way to go ;)

Ok so now you're all caught up. Well, except on the new booth at The Market Emporium Gift Shop. A friend of mine, Patricia with Patricia's Painted Vieux, have started selling our pieces there! ;) So far so good! Maybe I will write about it soon. But for now here are a couple shots of what it has looked like over the past couple months. 

We started small....


We got a lil bit bigger space. 

Rocker sold

A few pieces have come and looks a little different right now but I forgot to snap pics today. (Gasp!..I know right!) But I'll get more soon. 

Talk to y'all later! 

Prov 4:10-14...what I'm holding onto. ;)