Friday, January 10, 2014

Chalk It Up To God's Schedule Changes

I finally finished our new old chalkboard! ;) Ive been talking about painting this for quite some time. My daughter and I had decided it was time we had one of these, about 3 months ago. 
Our schedules were so crazy! It was difficult for us to keep up with all the appointments, games, cheer practices, sports practices, work.... The list goes on and on! But God... :) Don't you just love that phrase? 
We made another decision not long after making the decision to paint this chalkboard... We decided to kneel before God together, giving Him our schedules, giving Him our time, and vowing to put Him first. We began to make time for Him, where there was no time. But every time we did... We ended up having the time for Him, for church, and to do what we needed to do. Funny how we are surprised when the creator of time is able to stop time for us...or at least slow it down! Lol. To make a long story short, we no longer need the chalkboard for our original purpose. Our schedules are NOTHING like they were approximately 3 months ago. Our lives have changed on so many different levels. But... We still get to enjoy the chalkboard! :) Just for different purposes now. 

Just a thought.... What if that one thing that you think is impossible to do... Is actually possible? What if by giving that one thing to God would make all the difference in the world? What if it makes that dream of yours come to life? Makes that business a reality? Makes time with your kids, your parents, your friends actually possible? Makes 75% of the needless stress that you were under, go away? I'm not saying that God is some magician and will make all of your problems go away, because it doesn't work that way. We "gave" Him our schedules, and then we sacrificed our time daily and gave it to Him... Sought after Him, prayed... But that was something that seemed impossible before. It would've caused us to get behind on all other responsibilities before. But... After giving it to Him, and then stepping out in faith... It all became possible... It is all OUR REALITY now. 
Think about it... What is is that you'd like changed in your life? What is it that is holding you back and keeping you from living the life that you KNOW you are meant to live? Now, consider trusting Him by giving it to Him and asking Him what your next move should be. He cares a lot more about the details in your life than you think He does. He's not given enough credit for that. 



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