Friday, January 17, 2014

How Much Do You Value Your Work?

Are you starting your own business? Are you currently asking yourself "How much do I ask people to invest on each item they purchase from me?" Notice that I didn't say "How much do I price each item?" A wise woman recently told me..."You are NOT asking them to purchase an item for a are asking them to invest in your business, to invest in you." This is your business. Each time a buyer purchases something from you, they are investing in your business and in you. 
 How much do you value your business? Your work? Yourself? If you're like me, you're having a hard time putting a number on how much you want to ask people to invest in you and your business. 
So, I found this article and I hope that it helps you. It will most likely force you to do a few things that you haven't done yet. Lol.  Enjoy the article and feel free to comment and/or add any info you may have! 
Below is the link to the article

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