Sunday, March 23, 2014

Craft Fair Projects

I've been getting ready for an upcoming craft fair in Midlothian. It's at their Civic Center this coming Saturday. I've worked on a couple of signs....but have spent a lot of time on my first love....just good ole crafting! ;-) Here are some of the latest pics:

I LOVE this piece! It is approx 5x7...maybe 5x6. This is the front and back. I did end up adding a lil blue to the very top of it which you will see in one of the following pictures. I put the clip on this side so it can be used as a photo or note frame/holder. I think it's my favorite! (Ignore my dirty crafting towel underneath)

I painted this frame and was planning to sell it as-is. But when looking at it I could see so much potential! So I decided to add some flair. Wrapped with twine, added tiny lil decors with clips and added 3-4 extra clips (tiny clothespins). I figure it shows the customer what the clips can be used for....papers, letters, or photos. They could leave my decor and add a couple photos...or lose my decor and fill with their sweet photos. This (along with the ampersand) didn't last long though. I sent these pics to a beloved customer/friend of mine. I was HOPING she would help me price them....nope. She's now the very proud owner of them. Lol. I'm not going to make it to the fair with anything! What a nice problem to have! Haha!

I do love this box. So did my customer...yep...the same one that is taking the frame and the ampersand also scooping up the box/drawer/shelf. This lil baby can be used for so many different things. I'd hang it on the wall as a shelf. But my favorite part of this all those lil odds and ends that I found at one of my favorite stores in Cleburne. I got all of those lil odds n ends for a STEAL! The lil ball on top is not included with the box. I was planning to add a knob there. We'll see what my friend wants there though. (See the blue added to the top of the ampersand sign? Looks better, huh?)

I love this chunky frame! I think it's older'n'dirt! lol. This one just might make it to the craft fair. Still have NO IDEA how much to sell it for. Have I mentioned how much I hate pricing things? I never know how much to charge for things!

Lastly...this is just a little letter I am adding to another twine-wrapped-frame. Have to make another since my sweet customer swooped in and bought up everything else! Haha! It's ok though...I figure that the sell of those three things just paid for my half of the craft-fair booth rental! So it's all good, thanks to my very best customer! Now the stress is off and I can just have my booth "for fun"! That's always nice!!!

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