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Project/Sign Photo Gallery!!

It's here!!!....the long awaited photo gallery!!
Here you will find the pictures of the many projects I've worked on throughout this year. If you find something you like and would like for me to recreate it, please let me know and I'll do everything I can to paint you a similar sign that you will love for a life time!
Please remember that most of the signs have been made with reclaimed lumber/metal, making each piece unique...therefore, while I can get it as close as possible to an inspiration piece...I will not be able to make another sign exactly like another. Also remember that since I do use the reclaimed lumber/metal, each piece has its own natural distressing - I make no attempts to hide or correct any holes/knotholes, gauges/scratches, or anything that makes it unique. If you desire a sign made from new wood, please add this request to your order and I will contact you with the appropriate price change. Also know that the prices of a piece are determined by many factors....the materials used- antique or fairly new wood/metal, hinges/hardware used- antiqued or new, size of the piece and sometimes the type of paint and technique that is used. Therefore all of this must be determined concerning your order prior to obtaining an accurate price quote...though I can give a ballpark price range! :) Any changes made to these factors during the creation of your art, may change the price of the piece. We can tweak details to fit the needs of your budget, ideas and needs! There is something for most contact me today!
I look forward to working with you and creating a piece of art that you can enjoy for many years to come. As always thank you all so much for your orders, support and encouragement! 
Designsbykendra Signs of 2013

(Price ranges per pictured project differ depending on size and hardware chosen, if any. The price ranges posted are approximate and can change by the above and below mentioned factors.)

1a. The Turquoise Jeremiah Gate painted hinges

1b. Turquoise Jeremiah Gate black hinges                                         
Starting at $150
Different sizes. 3rd pic- Approx 34x26in

1C. Turquoise Mini-Jeremiah Gate
Approx $65

2. Home Is Wherever You Are With Me
Starting at $50+
(Frames and accessories not included)

3. Above All Else- (Established Family)
Starting at $65+
The ones pictured are approx 32x17in and were approx $90

4. In Christ Alone
Starting at $35+

5. My Soul Loves 
Starting at $50+

6. Established Family (Ribbon)
Starting at $80+

7. Established Family (excuse my elephant in the first pic...he was totally jealous and wanted in the picture. Annnnd excuse the lack of "staging"!!) This sign was meant to have hinges on the (your) left side, but my sweet and anxious customer decided she wanted it right away, as is! Lol. 
Starting at $50+

8a. Keep Looking Up - canvas sign
Starting at $40 approx 8x10 to 11x14
Again, forgive me for my lack of staging...again! And lighting!! Lol. I tend to get so excited when I'm working on a new excited as my customers get, lol! So when they want a pic taken "as soon as its finished!"...I do so! A goofball like me forgets to take another pic in the sunshine! Haha. 


8c x2
8 a-d "Keep Looking Up" (wood) 
Starting at $40+ 

Keep Looking Up signs were made in memory of the late Kidd Kraddick, as it was a famous quote of his. His loyal fans and followers are still calling in to order their unique sign- made in his honor. While you can order one like these, I would love still to come up with a different design for you that no one else would have but you! Ask me about details on getting your Kidd Kraddick sign today! 

9. Where You Are. Starting at $65

10. Whole Heart Starting at $80+ depending on size
Two becomes one. This sign is made up of two hung above the other creates one beautiful message from your heart to your loved ones heart. It is split right in the middle of the word "heart" and lines up perfectly when hung on the wall using the attached saw tooth hangers. (VERY similar signs are being sold online for $300 right now.)

11. Thankful sign
 Starting at $45+
One of our most popular gift items! Order your thankful sign today! The two bottom ones are approx 14x10in and were approx $55 each (with knob)

12. Cowboys & Angels 
Starting at $50+
This one was approx 26x13.5 and was approx $75

13. Ranchers/Farmers Wife 
Starting at $40+
A different scene can be used for a "Farmer" instead of a "Rancher". The Cowboy and calf are pictures that are sealed onto the wood while the letters are hand-painted and the "rope" is real twine. A rope can be added to the top as a hanger and/or you can choose to use a sawtooth hanger on the back for displaying purposes. 

15. Together We Have It All
(Family Est Sign with $30 Antique hinges). 
Starting at $100, depending on hardware used, size and amount of lettering. 
This one in particular was approx 24x36in and would be around $185

16. Beloved. Starting at $55
(1in edges from this piece of cabinet wood can now be cut off and sanded down to make it flat on the edges.)
***This exact sign is available for purchase, on sale today for $55!! :->***

17. Texas Home (State of your choice) 
Starting at $60+

18. One Way Arrow.
Starting at $35+
**Though you can still order this sign, this particular one is now involved in a giveaway that's being held in March through my Facebook page, see link below, and through Two Two Cute Designs on Facebook. The contest will be 3/1/14-3/8/14! Watch the facebook pages for more info and be sure to enter for your chance to win!!! ***

18a $85
18 a-b Power, Love and a Sound Mind sign
Starting at $50+
The one on top (A) was approx 24x14 and would be around $85
The one on bottom was approx 41x21.5 and would be around $150

19. Love board. 
Starting at $65 

20. This is the....Family" sign. 
Approx $100-$165 (depending on how many lines/lettering and size)
This one is approx 31.5x14.5in

21. Being A Family sign
Starting at $65 depending on size. This one was approx 12x23in

22. You Are My Sunshine/lyrics sign. 
This one is approx 31.5x14.5in and was Approx $100 


23.B Attributes signs
Starting at $45+   These in the pics are approx 11x14in
Perfect gift for friends, employees Small/Life groups! 

24. Let the Field Be Joyful-Baseball sign
Starting at $65+. This one is 18x18in. 
For the die-hard sports fan in your life. Baseball not your thing? Call or message me today!...I have more designs in mind!! ;)

25. Dreams Do Come True. A sign of inspiration. 18x18. $65

26. Greatest Blessings. 
These two were approx 12x36in

27. Better Is One Day In Your Courts
$100. Each letter has a shadow giving the 3-d appearance. Painted on old cabinet wood. Old Texas barn wood available. 
***This one is Approx 12x36 and is CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: READY-MADE. And of course it can be ordered-it is customizable. 

28.A Eiffel Tower- Paris Sign with heavy distressing
Approx 38x17in

28.B Eiffel Tower- Paris Sign with heavy distressing and darkening of wood. This is the same sign as pictured above, after I used a special technique to darken the wood without darkening the paint (a regular glaze darkens both)

28.C Eiffel Tower- Paris. Distressing on background only
 $165. These beautiful signs are from the Paris collection. They were painted on very old Texas barn wood and stand 36-38in tall and are approx 17in wide! For those that love the "older than dirt" look, request more distressing (28A & B)and you will love the outcome! ;) 

29. Paris, Paris, Paris 
Starting at $35
Also from our Paris collection, of course, is this sign, the burlap piece is approx 8.5x11, entire sign approx 9x12.5in. This sign is customizable- you can request a different design, and can request it to be smaller though this is as large as the burlap will be as of right now. 

30. Love You More  Starting at $85 on up to $185 depending on size of frame/sign desired. 
This one was 10.5x17 with 4x6 sized picture frame (total 5x7)

31. CUSTOM SIGN- This family sign was custom ordered, the lines/sayings were chosen by the family that ordered them. Get this sign for $165. Or customize your sign today. Contact me for investment/pricing info. (This sign is 3ft long) 

32. Christ Centered Home
$150-180 This one was approx 31x26in
This sign was a gift from a dear friend, to our Pastor and his family. The Christ Centered Home was a series of sermons that he taught. Has your Pastor/Teacher/Mentor made an impact on your life with a particular sermon/teaching/subject? Show them their efforts do not go unnoticed...let's put it on a sign today! 

33. Serenity Prayer sign.
Starting at $75+
This one was Approx 32x22in with hinges and would be around $150

34. Mighty To Save round sign
Approx 14in in diameter $55

35. Firefighter sign- Greater love has no one
Starting at $65   
This one was Approx 11x14

36.Better Than a Dad sign
$40+ . This one was approx 10x14.

37. Welcome Board 
Starting at $35
Available for order with or without hardware. This Welcome Board/Sign was recently given away in a drawing on our Facebook Page. But I can recreate it as closely as possible for you. This one has a rusty little knob at the bottom and is topped off with a cute burlap bow that has a rusty round medallion in the center of it. 

38. Write Them on Your Door Frames and Gates
Starting at $65
This one is close to my heart, along with the Jeremiah Gate, it is a motto for my company...a goal...a help you to put before you words of wisdom, encouragement, promises and/or positive/joyful words so that you can hang them in your homes as constant reminders that you and your loved ones are cared for. I look at it as I am helping to enable you to fulfill this suggestion, to put these things "before you", in your home. I hope that you found a sign today that you liked. Didn't find what you were looking for? Please contact me today for any suggestions, comments, questions or any information you may need. Thank you for visiting my blog!

**All signs come with hanging/display hardware....saw-tooth hangers, picture wire, or a display rope if chosen.**

**Add a message on the back of your sign for only (approx) $10 more, (depending on length of message). **

Many more signs are being made as you look at these today! So be sure to check back to see what's new!! Have you seen an idea online that you like? Do you have an idea of something that you'd like to see on a sign? If so, message me today! We will work closely together to make sure that the vision of your sign is made into your reality! Here are some of the questions that may be asked : 
What size? Color or stained? What color letters? Distressed- none, lightly, heavily? Newer pieces of wood or older, does it matter to you how wide each plank is or what type/piece of wood is used (single board or 3put together)?

I work with you throughout the process, from sending pictures of the design that I first make on the computer (sent via Facebook message, email or text) to sending a picture of the wood if you'd like, to sending pics while its being painted and after! I do everything I can to make sure that you are completely satisfied!! Remember that all signs are painted by hand so there is normally a 2-4wk turn-around. Though rush orders are accepted. 

***All payments are due before I start on the signs. I accept credit card payments through Paypal (via me emailing you an invoice) or cash/check.***

 Please message me (via this blog, facebook or text messging) or feel free to call me with any questions that you may have. 817-917-5568 As always thank you all for your support and encouragement! 


Don't forget to pin your favorite signs to Pinterest!!!! Help us get our name out there by pinning your favorite signs today!!! 


  1. Your work is outstanding! I have so many faves! I love the Jesus I am the way, Baby names are lovely, the welcome door. Very artistic and homely. Lovely! Ty :) (Tia Dingwell)

    1. Thank you Tia! Did you see the info under the "I Am The Way" one? In March we are going to have a giveaway/contest! That sign is the prize from designsbykendra and there will be many more prizes given away from other companies! ;-D If you go to my Facebook page and hit "like" then keep a watch for the contest info, next month you will be able to enter!! Right now we are having a contest for prizes of $500, $100 and several items from other companies ;-) Thanks for stopping by Tia! And thank you very much for the feedback! Would you mind telling me how you found my blog? Was it through facebook or through another blog??

  2. Such wonderful and beautiful work! Very talented. I can honestly say I love every single one! Especially the Family oriented ones & the Sunshine one because that's one of the three songs my Daughter makes me sing to her every night before bed! <3

    1. Thank you Jacqueline! Wow...what a compliment! I'm so glad that you like my work! It's funny you said that about the Sunshine sign. It was ordered by one of my very best-childhood friends, whose Momma sang that song to HER all of the time when she was growing up! She gave it to her Mom for Christmas. It was definitely a hit! Thanks for visiting and commenting today Jacqueline! I'd love to know how you came across my blog? If it wasn't through Facebook then I just know you'd love my page there!...You should check it out! All of my projects are posted there first!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Jenny!! How did you find my blog today? I'm so glad that you did and glad that you enjoy my work ;-)

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    If you would like to order a sign you may leave a comment here or contact me via Facebook or to call/text- my phone info is on this page as well.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that Rosa. ;-) I'm glad that my work was able to "take you back" to a more "simple time/way of life." I've been taught that "words are containers for power" which can have great effects on us. They can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary life! ;-)
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