Sunday, February 2, 2014

Doors, doors and.... headboards?

Hi everyone! I know, I know.... I've been slacking big time! In my defense... I've been super busy! Ok, not wasting any time here! Here's what's been going on:

I have inherited almost 40 antique doors! Yes...40!! My dear cousin, Clint and his sweet wife Kim wanted to get rid of their "junk" from their barn. Ummm...huh? Doors? Antique doors? Doors that have been in the barn for 40 years and they were at least 40yr old doors when they were put in there? Uh...YEAH! I'll help ya out.....matter a fact....I'll help you out like that ANY TIME! Haha!! Needless to say I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to get their "junk" as they called it, out of their barn! So, over a couple of weekends and with the help of some kind souls, I got every last one of them! Even the broken ones! "Broken ones? Why broken ones?" Ohhhh just you wait and see my friend, just wait and see!

Now...what to do with 40 doors! Well, half of them are "different". I knew from the moment that I laid eyes on them that they were not just your every day run of the mill doors. This was because #1. They are friggin HUGE  99in tall. #2. They have wheels on half of these tall ones. Ye'sir these are different. I didn't realize how different though until I spent upteen stinkin many hours searching online, trying to find ANYTHING similar to these doors! I needed to find something similar so I'd know what to charge for them.... even if I don't sell them for their intended purpose, I still need to know what they are worth right? Right! So the search began. After almost a month of searching, I came across a man on Facebook posting pics of the inside of his store, Philadelphia Salvage, which had a lot of doors in it. So I began asking him questions. To make an already too long story short he finally told me that what I had were old pocket doors... not just regular pocket doors though. They are multi-fold (accordion style) pocket doors. I knew that they were used (in a church, forgot to mention that part) as accordion style folding doors, because they have/had hinges on both sides....I just didn't know that they were called pocket doors. I'm still having a hard time finding much to compare them with online to price them....but I have found some that are close.

Now remember I said "half of them are different"? Which means the other half are more your run of the mill OLLLLD   antique doors! What are we going to do with them now? Well we have a few things in mind which finally brings us to my reason for posting today! We are going to use some of them for headboards! Have you seen these headboards? I'm sure you have, they have been around for a little while. Well if you haven't seen them, or would like to be reminded of what they can look like, I have collected a few pics from the internet for ya! Most of my doors are 2 panel doors. And most of them are white...or white that is chipping off and showing another color underneath. But there are also yellow, red, blue, and mint green ones! I even have a set of mint green and white snowflake glass exterior double doors. Ohhh be still my heart! Let me show you these dirty doors first! lol. No, I have not washed all 40 doors yet!

Yep, the dirt-dobbers had fun with some of these doors! It's taking a lot of elbow grease to get this stuff off! 

This is one of the long pocket doors. They look so much better once they are cleaned up! See the wheels at the top?

I have several more pictures but I'd like to show ya what I found online...the pics of headboards! Let me just say that when I was searching and I started getting to the pics that had beautiful chandeliers in them....I started hearing the song off of Ferris Bueller's Day Off in my head......"Oh yeahhhhh, ...chick, chika, chickahhh....Oh yeahhhhh" Hahaha! For those of you that have seen it, you know what I'm talkin' bout!

Ok, 11 Headboards. (If you click on the link on the last one, it will take you to someone else's blog that has about 13 more headboard ideas on their blog!)

                                                                    Door Headboard

                                                            Two Panel door Headboard

             We LOVE this one and will be making one similar to this within the next couple of weeks!!

                                                       salvagechicantiques headboard

I do believe I have a door just like this....window missing and all! ;-)

Love the painted panels. I could definitely do that for ya!

Wow! $1,200 on Etsy. Gorgeous!


Barn Doors

I believe this one is my favorite picture but it's because of the chandelier with the headboard! Nice mix of rustic elegance

Annnnnd last but not least.....
I know it's not a door...but I do love this headboard. We have made one similar to this for a customer.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at and day-dreaming about these headboards! If you would like information on door headboards and/or need a quote, please contact me and we'll see what we can do for ya! You'll have to be patient with us though because we are still getting them cleaned up and such!

You can find us on Facebook at
Or you can call 817-917-5568!

(All pictures of the door headboards were found on an online search. Designsbykendra is not claiming that any of them were made by designsbykendra. We tried to give credit to each person that posted the picture online...if your picture is here and you are not credited, please feel free to contact us and we will give credit where credit is due. If you would like it removed, designsbykendra will remove it promptly.)


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    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed them! We are currently making a headboard that is similar to the 3rd pictured headboard above! I just love every single one of these and want to make them all!! ;-) Thank you for visiting my blog. Keep watching here and on my facebook page for updates on the headboards along with the updates on signs! All projects are posted on Facebook 1st. ;-) at

  2. Gorgeous! I love the barn door headboard!

  3. You are so creative! I love the barn doors at the headboard of the bed

    1. Well thank you but I can not take credit for any of those headboards. They were found online. We ARE however currently making a headboard that is similar to the 3rd pictured headboard above! I do LOVE the barn door headboards! I would love to make every single one of these! ;-) Thank you for visiting today. Would you mind telling me how you came across my blog? And if you have a blog as well? If so I'd love to check it out! Keep watching here and on my facebook page for updates on the headboards along with the updates on signs! All projects are posted on Facebook 1st. ;-) at

  4. You are so creative! I love the barn doors at the headboard of the bed

  5. Oh my goodness girl so do I!!! I love anything that has to do with barn doors! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog today Ashley! Would you mind letting me know how you found me? I've been working on marketing and would love feedback on where my viewers are coming from. ;-D Come see me on Facebook! All of my signs and projects are posted there before they are posted on the blog. Keep watching for updates on the headboard that we are currently working on!

  6. I wish I was a crafty and artistic as you! I love how you turn everyday things into something else, and they look amazing!! I'm really enjoying looking at all your creations!

    1. Melissa I'd love to be able to take credit for these headboards but I didn't create these. The ones pictured here are all from different website though. ;-) All of the signs in the other posts are all things that I painted, but these headboards I did not.
      Thank you for visiting my blog!! ;-) Hope you come back and see the headboard that we ARE creating! lol

  7. These are so great! Maybe there will be a point in time where I can afford them

  8. Oh Kendra! You lucky fish! So many lovely doors to re-purpose and paint! How about making a 3 panel screen? You could use a pair for the left and right panels and a totally different design for the middle panel.

    1. Tania thank you for visiting my blog today!! As far as the screen, I think you are talking about a room divider type thing? Which is funny that you mention that...because of all the "pocket doors" that I got...those really tall brown ones that are pictured above! All of them are suppose to go together (I have about 20 of them). They have hinges on both sides of each door and half of the doors have wheels on them. So they were made to be a room divider...but to hang on a "track." (from the wheels on every other door) I've been thinking about making several "small" screens/dividers with them though instead of selling them as one large divider. A buyer would have to have a LARGE room to divide to want ALL of them! lol. I'd sure sell them to whoever was willing to purchase them though! ;-)


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