Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now Accepting Orders Again

With Christmas around the corner, most of the ordered signs being mailed out this week and the rest being hand delivered between this week and next... I feel like I can breathe again! I stopped taking orders (sorta, lol) briefly, out of fear that I wouldn't be able to get any more completed by Christmas. But ever since I made the announcement that ordering from designsbykendra was on hold, I've received a handful of calls and messages from people wanting to order signs that would not be due by Christmas. So I've decided to release the "hold". ;) However, know that unless you are very local with an order for something pretty simple... I won't be able to get anymore orders completed for Christmas. But, if you are desiring a sign for after Christmas then you've come to the right place! Are you starting a "room re-do" as a gift for a loved one in your home?....Got most of it done but have a spot that's not filled yet?... Look no further. Lets take a look at what you've got and plan the perfect sign for that room! Or... Have you bought something for everyone in your family and now want to buy a little something for yourself?... Let me know what your favorite quote or scripture is... I know we can come up with the perfect sign for you! 

"Being a Family Means...." Sign is the perfect example of a sign you could order for yourself. :) Both of these read "Being a family means you are a part of something wonderful, it means that you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what!" How sweet is that?!?

Contact me today with your idea and/or order. If you are having any trouble reaching me please feel free to call or text my personal cell phone at 817-917-5568! I'd love to hear from ya!


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