Friday, December 6, 2013

Snowed In

We've been snowed in all day. Actually "iced in" would better describe it. I've been painting non-stop. Here's one of the finished signs. I sure wish I could show you all the rest of the signs but I don't want to take the chance of the intended recipients seeing them! So, I'll keep them under wraps for now! ;) 
Any time I do one of these "Thankful" signs I can't help but to think of things I am thankful for. Today I am ever SO thankful that we have heat in our home! We have blankets and warm clothes... And most/best of all...we have each other to snuggle up with! 13yr old daughter isn't snuggling with me since her BFF is here. Lol. Maybe I should go crash their lil movie watching party they've got going on in there!! Whatcha think?? Lol
Thanksgiving is over but being grateful is something we should be every day of our lives! What are you thankful for today? 
Like the knob?? I LOVE IT!! 

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