Saturday, November 16, 2013

Signs for Employees (and anyone else)

I was recently hired to create a few signs for a lady that I used to work with. She was going to be the instructor in a leadership class and wanted to give the students/employees each a gift. (So sweet!)

Her idea...
to have the employee's name on the sign along with several of the many qualities/characteristics/attributes that is often displayed by the employee. I fell in love with the idea and got started right away!  
Here are the finished results!! 

I just adore these!! I would love to do one of these for everyone in my family. Throughout life we are labeled so many different things and all too often people see the negative before they see the positive. What an awesome way to remind someone of the positive things that you see in them. It definitely brings my children to mind... and of course they are wonderful for adults just as well! Every single person needs to be lifted up and have these positive things spoken over them throughout their lives!! Who wouldn't want to wake up everyday to a sign declaring who and what they are, reminding them that they are unique and wonderfully made and special in every way? 

If you are interested in ordering signs similar to these, any signs that are found in my photo gallery, or a sign that you have an idea for, please don't hesitate to call, text, or message me today! 

***Christmas is just around the corner and there are only about 4-6 spots left for sign orders before I will have to put a hold on accepting any new orders with a Christmas deadline. We have just about reached our limit on how many we can create before the first of the year and definitely by Christmas! So if you're needing a sign completed and shipped by Christmas please do not hesitate, do not me today to secure your sign order! Happy scrolling! ;)***

As always - thank all of you so very much for the love, kind words, support and encouragement! I am truly living my dream by being blessed and getting to do this every day! Thank you all SO MUCH!!! 

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